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Delivery & Payment Information


Shipping Address

Customers have to provide us a valid shipping address, with valid receiver name. Your name or address may be flagged by your customs. If your name or address is flagged by your customs, this means your parcel will be seized at customs probably. In this situation, we are not responsible for seized parcels.

Tracking Number

We ship orders in 2 days and provide tracking number with shipment photo.

Shipping Delays

Sometimes delivery may delay. It is totally related with your local post service and their workload. Customs clearance process may take a while up to 15 days. These situations happen rarely. In this situation, you should contact with your post service.

Lost Parcels

If a shipment does not arrive to destination country in 60 days, this means your parcel may be lost.

In this situation, you should contact with us and we reship your order free.

Returned Parcels

Some countries send seized or not delivered parcels back to us. We reship these parcels free after confirming your new shipping address.

Shipping Methods

We provide 4 different shiping methods

1- Regular Mail (without tracking number)
2- Registered Airmail (with tracking number)
3- EMS Express (with tracking number)
4- USPS (for Domestic USA orders / with tracking number)

Delivery Times

Regular Mail
21-35 days to US
14-21 days to EU

Registered Airmail
14-21 days to US
10-14 days to EU

EMS Express
7-14 days to US
6-10 days to EU

USPS Domestic
2-5 days to US

Reship Policy

If your parcel seizes at customs because of any reason and returns us back, we reship it to new address you provide.

If your parcel does not reach to your country in 60 days, this means your parcel may be lost. In this situation, we reship your whole order Free.


Payment Methods

We accept payments by Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Dash, Stellar, Ripple, Zcash, Etherium, Etherium Classic and some more. Please ask for the crypto money which you want to pay by.

For over 1000 USD orders, we can accept payments via Western U. and Bank transfer also.

For any other questions, you can contact with us.